Transport Law

The specific skills developed at an academic and professional level allow the Firm to offer specialized assistance in each of the different declinations that characterize the varied transport and logistics sector.

In addition to the traditional field of maritime and air navigation, in fact, the Firm has also gained solid experience in the road transport of people and goods, as well as intermodal transport, and is therefore able to offer consultancy and assistance to all the operators that make up the logistics chain, both in relations between private individuals and in relations with public authorities.

In each of these areas, the Firm’s professionals offer comprehensive assistance, which includes both out-of-court consulting and contract support, and technical assistance in the litigation phase, even when connected to enforcement or bankruptcy procedures.

The Firm also deals not only with matters of a typically commercial nature, but also with those relating to the recreational use of vehicles in the maritime and aeronautical environment, as well as the circulation on the road of vehicles for private use, both in the extra-judicial and judicial phases, also in relation to the management of the related insurance profiles.

This activity is mainly handled by

Marco Valerio Micale

Marco Valerio Micale